Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie Mania

So before school started I embarked on a noble mission. To murder my remaining feeble brain cells!! How can one go about such a mission? Simply stuff ones face with obsecene amounts of buttery popcorn sprinkled with peanut m&m's and brought down with an xtra large diet coke :D This feast is of course in the company of a hot 10 foot tall actors (in various stages of undress;)) stretched out on my beloved movie screen. Seeing that i have nothing to blog about that is intersting I have made a review list of the movies I went to see the past two weeks..

Hairspray--cute cute movie, although I am not a theatre junkie nor a musical junkie it wasnt terrible..Not a fan of Zac Efron the kid is nauseatingly cute..Not my type..Michelle Pfeifer is stunning..My god that woman gets hotter as she gets older.

Transformers--Loooove shia lebouf the boy is talented and his character in the movie was hilarous so cute. The chick he had the hots for looked like a victioria secert model. Overall big machines lots of crashes confusing fight scenes and a semi good plot---perfect summer blockbuster..

Knocked up--I honestly didnt see the big deal. Yea you had a few chuckles but seriously people it wasnt THAT good..I do like Heigle.

The Bourne Ultimatium--LOOOVED it..I mean aside from my baisesness of loving Matt Damon in anything at all, I thought this one was good. I know some people where complaining that he didnt hook up with whats her name the other agent. I was glad he mmm mmm speicemen of a man that one.

Superbad--ahem, I uh am not a fan of american pie and this was about as vulgar..Didnt like it.

Rush Hour 3--I could have wrote a better ending..Seriously where the hell can i get the emails of the screen writers?!?!? sheeesh..They runined such a good movie..I loved this one aside from the ending..It was stereotypical brash rude racist and discriminatory..LOVED IT..Jackie and tucker are the cutest pair.

Becoming Jane--romantic drama..It wasnt bad and I usually fall asleep in romance movie this one wasnt bad..Maybe cause I like jane austen.

Chuck And LArry--these two had soo much chemsitry I wanted them to just hook up already ;) I liked it thought it was funny light hearted and I acutally laughed out loud.

No Reservations--I like catherine zeta jones and that little girl. Cute movie but not a summer movie..More like a fall movie

Live Free Die Hard--eeeeeeeeeeeeeee brucey me love..Looooove him..Loved this one..Soo good.. He was as usual sarcastically cynically yummilicious:D Good storyline.

thats all I remeber..


Blogger eshda3wa said...

mission accomplished

all cells dead

i hated knocked up
couldnt see the big deal either

5:31 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

hehehehe aham shay! yalla mo mishkila u'll refuel with all the school shit u'll go thru *hugs*

12:35 AM  
Blogger Swair. said...

hahaha i loved Transformers and Die Hard too... those were the only ones i liked... i don't even want to see Superbad or Knocked Up.. not my taste..

But i do want to see that Bourne movie... *note to self: must download illegally*

1:40 PM  
Blogger Dandoon said...

so knocked up wasn't that good? hmm i'll probably still watch it:p

5:04 PM  
Blogger Ghasheema said...

lol @ the popcorn flavour ;P

I hated almost all the movies this dumb wallah

I like Die hard only cuz of Bruce ;)

9:31 PM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

Eshd3awa--not one has been spared muwhahahahahahahaaa..

Princess--**huggies** the brain cells are regenrating baby woooooop

Swair--bourne was awsome I want matt damon wrapped up so I can unwrap him..Slowly..:P

dandoon--it really wasnt..Superbad was much better...

Gasheema--when you are trying to complete a mention then you cant be picky :P Bruuucey..**drools*

9:14 PM  

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