Saturday, January 24, 2009

I confess

The Honesty tag

Sooo I have been tag by my lovley swaish/princess (see side bar for her url and her constant insanity, but hands off shes spoken for). So yea ten honest things about me.. That you don't know already...thats hard shit..I mean I am pretty much an open boring bland book..But lets see if we can drudge up anything...

1) I love rules, thus my religion gives me rules. Frustrates me at times but I abide by them cause I NEED structure..

2)I was an atheist when I was 13-14. My room was stacked with books from every religion in the world..I reverted to islam (honestly did an entire ceremony for myself) when I was 14. Personal decision, decided that this was the strictest religion so the chances of being screwed were somewhat limited.

3)I HATE labels, when your a muslim girl you get ALOT of labels..And being different just doesnt click with people.. I got and still get in trouble for just trying to be true to myself. I dont beleive that if your muslim you need to be so narrow minded. I dont mind the jews, the gays, the bi's, the whites, the blacks the watevers. On the contrary I surround myself with them..You know why? Cause they are different they are them they are free. And thats a beautiful thing

4)Ignorance pisses me off. Bending to fit a social 'box' pisses me off. No I dont have to rebel to have gay friends and no I dont need to be in hawza to pray five times a day. I dont need to drink, I dont need to sleep around , or to take off my scarf to validate that I am a westerner at heart. I am proud of who I am, without the boxes or the labels

5)I get what I want.Simply said. I work like a horse and a slave, nothing is ever handed to me nor do I expect to. I want it I go after it, I fall, I cry, who doesnt? But in the end I get it. always do.

6)I am an adaptable person, put me in the middle of the desert(daddy dearest did that when we moved to kuwait) and I will find my niche. I may whine and moan about it (big crybaby right here folks) but I manage, no I propser;)

7)I love to laugh, talk and look at things. Everything amuses me. The world is a big lovely joke and its mine to laugh at

8)My family has failed me..BIG time..But thats ok, I still carry scars and all that melodramatic bullshit but its made me a stronger person

9)I used to be so emotional as a child. but the world kicks you around some. Now will I dont deny emotions they are more subdude and rational..much more rational and controlled..bordering on nonexistent sometimes:P

10)While I am social (at times too much so) I tend to be generally lonely. I havent figured out weither its by design or chance.

dear god..that was brutal...

ok people..

your it!


Blogger eshda3wa said...

ok ok i got it u dont like labels!

and its true when ur a muslim girl u get a lot of labels more from ur fellow muslims than anyone else

so what i do

stick up ur middle finger to the world (mentally)
and do whatever the hell u want

8:30 AM  
Blogger Hasan.B said...

For some reason m3ana we almost have nothing in common, I like your way of thinking. I think your unique

4:02 PM  
Blogger Shwaish said...

i dnt know wat to say :) mabe i say shay asinine though...ok will go away now hehehe

6:38 AM  
Blogger LiLaCs said...

eshd3awa--shako a middle finger:P I stick out my tongue just as classy:P

Hasan B.-- lol why thank you I will take the unique! better then weird that I usually get:P

Swaish--i see dancing people..:P

2:07 PM  

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